Continuing Professional Development 



feb 2020



Every-other-month I hope to bring you a form of CPD that will fit under one of the following categories. You are welcome to use this CPD as a starting point for you to expand on yourself; however, its purpose is intended to be a guidance tool and give you the nudge to get you started.

This page will be time-stamped as to when it has been updated.

E-Learning for Health 

This website has been constructed by NHS Health Education England. Recently the website has been endorsed by the College of Paramedics; with them releasing their own e-learning modules. It is 100% free!!!

The massive pink button will take you to the e-lfh's website. Just register with either your university or work email address. 


Useful links


On the e-lfh website, once you've registered, you can tailor and target the topics that interest or confuse you - or even you just fancy having a bit more knowledge around to give you a helping hand. There are hundreds of different topics - all free!