This page is intended for anyone who is new to the world of ambulance.

Books, revision ideas, tools to buy and practice tips!

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Haven't a clue about preparing for clinical education? The 'where to start' guide could prove handy - with prereading material and ideas to start you off with learning.

Clinical Education can be a daunting experience. The page is dedicated to pointing you in the direction of revision ideas, books to read and other things to keep you keen!

Driver Education is intense but interesting as you will not only gain additional driver skills, but your own personal style of driving will improve too. 

'On the job' is probably scarier than being in a classroom. This area is ideal for keeping your knowledge fresh, neat and current. It also provides some ideal tips for handy tools to use at your fingers. 

Throughout your training, you will be assessed in line with your qualification or trust expectations. Although, the Associate Ambulance Practitioner Level 4 Diploma involves having a final assessment before you submit all your paperwork for certification. This area looks at some tips, tasks and discussions for you to prepare yourself.