Reflection construction

I know this may sound a little silly. But, a good title can set you in the right direction of writing your reflection. For example Medical Incident or Self Directed Learning - Left Ventricular Failure.
It's also worth adding if you attended an event - where was it? Or, if you discussed something; who with? And most importantly, include a date!



In the first few paragraphs, try to briefly explain the topic. For example: "The initial details on the MDT came through as GP Admission, 54 YO Male - SEPSIS." 
Here you can also state your first initial impressions of the patient, treatment, event or reason for discussion. What else have you done? Maybe differential diagnosis? Any attachments?



This area allows you to expand on what you gained from the CPD. What did you do? What did you put into practice? Did you discuss anything with your colleague? Or, have you developed a current skill - or has that skill changed? Did you undertake any additional training to use a new piece of equipment? 

Be honest - if you are new, don't be shy to say "I had to look for guidance from the paramedic" or "My initial impression was (...) but I now know that the signs of X are Y and Z. 
Also, demonstrate your knowledge of the pathway or your improvement. I would recommend sticking to one of the reflection models; the best one and easiest by far is the 'What' model. 

Ending. The grand finale. 
Closing the reflection is important; as it not only shows your personal development but also the chance to include a personal development plan - which does look good! (Although, you have to carry it out!!) 
Here try to include the outcome, if you dealt with a patient. Or, if you attended a conference; what did you gain? Can you use those skills in practice - have you found it useful? Will you improve on anything? How will you improve? How will you assess your improvement? - if you do assess your improvement; include it with the reflection. It shows you've learned and undergone further CPD to expand your knowledge base.