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Unlike the usual store room on station, this one you don't need a code to access it. Any materials you need are accessible here.
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This little book all began when I was on my own training. 

It's a quick reference tool which walks you through your patient assessment - from the Primary Survey, Respiratory, Cardiac and Gastrointestinal systems; right up to Clinical Frailty, Sepsis, NEWS2, and other relevant avenues which provide you with a holistic approach to managing your patient. 


Size: A6 (Fits in most pockets!) 


Price: £19 (£16.50 + Postage*)
Note postage is only to UK Mainland only, if you're ordering outside of the UK mainland, please email directly.

*Postage and Packaging costs £2.50. If you're ordering more than 1 guide, an additional  £1 is added.



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